"Hi, I'm Summer McStravick. Welcome to Flowdreaming!

Through Flowdreaming, you can learn to completely reshape your life using the extraordinary power of Flow.

Go from powerless to powerful.

Go from waiting and wanting to having and being

There's a way to talk to the Universe that WORKS. You can learn it. 

You can make more money, solve relationship problems, uplevel your health...anything you want.

How do I know this?

I've been practicing Flowdreaming for over a decade, and have taught tens of thousands of people how to do it as well. The results are extraordinary.

"Manifesting" becomes so real and so effective, that you never want to stop.

Download my free tutorial and begin today.

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What is Flowdreaming?

Flowdreaming is not meditation, mindfulness, or hypnosis.

Instead, it's a way to connect with your future, life, and Flow that relies on your emotion as you remake your future self.

It's incredibly simple to practice, feels amazing, and best of all, begins making an extraordianary impact right away.

What Flowdreaming can do for you...

  • Removes your fear of success or being seen, moving you past your current income ceiling

  • Heals you of past trauma, including patterns and limitations in your thinking that you haven't been able to find before

  • Creates new emotional and energetic landscapes around success, money, love, health, and personal power

  • Jumpstarts stalled careers, matches you with new friends, and repairs or creates new romantic partnerships

  • Teaches you a new way to interact with the world, based on Flow principles. You learn to manifest and create in a whole new way

More than 80,000 people have already downloaded this tutorial.

They knew nothing before starting or were not totally convinced it would work.

Today, Flowdreaming fans numbers in the 100,000s because this process WORKS.

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About Summer McStravick

Summer McStravick

Creator of Flowdreaming®

Summer McStravick is known for having developed Flowdreaming®, a technique for empowering ourselves through working with the living energies of our universe. Flowdreaming teaches you how to define and program your future by using the living, flowing quantum energies of our world.

Her M.E. School of Flow is one of the most innovative and comprehensive online schools in the world for developing one’s intuitive, intelligent, and energetically-connected self, as shown by the truly startling success experienced by of waves of graduated students.

Visit www.Flowdreaming.com to learn more, or look up the Flowdreaming podcast and app on iTunes or in your preferred app store.

Summer has also been a successful corporate leader in the world of mind/body/spirit publishing as the former Director of New Media at Hay House Publishing and as the creator of HayHouseRadio.com (founded by Louise L. Hay) where she has co-hosted and developed radio programs for Dr. Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Gregg Braden, Jerry and Esther Hicks (Abraham-Hicks), as well as many other luminaries in the fields of self-help and spirituality.

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Some words about Flowdreaming:

  • I started the program as a newly separated woman with two young children. Within just a few months of your mentoring, I began to see true miracles.

    My soon-to-be-ex husband was suddenly willing to talk things over with me as we proceeded in our separation. Then, at work, I learned that I was receiving a $50,000 bonus this year. My program has been paid for over and over again. 

    The final piece was when a new man stepped into my life. 
    Flowdreaming has brought me to tears like nothing has before. I now know a way to talk to God that is second to none. I also know how to bring in money whenever I need it. Bless you and thank you!”

    Paula Straum

  • ”My husband and I have student loan debt that we have been trying to reduce, get rid of, wish away for years! After using Flowdreaming to approach this problem for just three months, I just found out that $123,000 will be forgiven once our term finishes in 13 years. This comes after a windfall earlier of an anonymous gift of $200,000 from a trust fund that helped us buy a house in a down economy, pay off debt and invest money for the future and our kids.”

    Marcelle Kachkach

  • ”I decided to go back to college after leaving school to work and start a family 20 years ago. I used Flowdreaming throughout the application process and stayed focused on creating the emotions I wanted to attract. Not only did the university easily readmit me as a student, I was also awarded a full scholarship totaling around $30,000 for the year.”

    Jessica Ballenger

  • Flowdreaming really works fast! Within weeks of starting the ME School of Flow I received $50,000 in funding for my shoe company, $1,000’s of dollars worth of free materials from a supplier, and I’m currently in the process of generating another 50k. Professionally, my entire team has changed and is now filled with like minded and uplifting individuals.”

    Yay! Tapping into your deep emotions & flowdreaming works and faster than anything I have ever experienced in my whole life.

    Stephanie Nicora Fryslie

  • When I began Flowdreaming, the first thing I manifested was a great apartment in New York, by Central Park. Then I brought in a fantastic, sexy, "James Bond"-style husband. We got married, and I have a great relationship and another big house facing the beach. 

    Next, we manifested a job a job with a really high salary. But after a year, I felt surrounded with people who didn't value my team, so I decided to manifest an even better job! 

    I'm now salaried at over $200,000...all this within 2 years of doing Flowdreaming.  I'm now working with fantastic people, a great team, and a great boss.

    I bought a luxury BMW, and I can also work from home whenever I want. I'm
     loving everything you do. Thank you, Summer, you're the best and most effective coach ever.

    Marie-Pierre Belanger